sample Vehicle Assessment Form

We always conduct Vehicle Assessments prior to completion of a sale. These ensure that the intended user and vehicle are perfectly matched. Incorrectly used mobility vehicles can be dangerous to both the user and those around them. Regular maintenance is also key to responsible mobility vehicle ownership. Our aim is to provide not only some of the safest, most reliable vehicles currently on the market, but also regular maintenance and repair services.

Ordering mobility vehicles online is becoming more and more popular, but:

  • How do you know if a vehicle is suitable for you?

  • If a product is unsuitable, how do you go about returning it?

  • Online only sellers don't often offer maintenance/repair services

the list goes on...

These are simple issues which some mobility product websites fail to cover. It's always a good idea to do a bit of research and try before you buy. It's easy to be lured by 'guaranteed lowest prices' and not notice any caveats which may cost you a lot more in the long run.

We always advise using a company where you can ask questions, test drive, maintain and service vehicles after purchase, whilst at the same time benefit from the personal care of helpful and knowledgeable staff that only a company with a physical presence can truly provide. Price should never be the only consideration when making an investment for the future.