User Manual HillClimber Extreme V2.1 July 2017

Can't find your Manual? Don't worry, you can download a copy of the latest issue for the HillClimber Extreme here. 

This manual can be used as a reference for the following models:

  • Hercules
  • Hercules HillClimber
  • HillClimber Extreme

Please note: We only make the latest version available on our website. The latest version contains the most up to date information on vehicle use and controls as well as the most current recommendations for safety and security. Although the appearance of the vehicle or parts might be slightly different to the vehicle model or version you have, the fundamental engineering principles and usage instructions remain very similar. It is not possible for us to provide older versions of any of our user manuals which are not listed on our website. (Many users who have obtained pre-owned Scootertech vehicles do not have accurate information about the age or model/customised specifications). Unless you have full details about the vehicle/model you own, this User Manual is to be used as a general reference only.

User Manual HillClimber Extreme V2.1 July 2017

  • This document is a PDF file and can be viewed and downloaded using Windows and Mac operating systems.